Basic Flute

Basic Flute
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The basic flute is the preferred flute of Native flutists that travel and perform since it packs nice and easy. The basic flute does not contain any intricate carvings either in the "bird" or throughout the body of the flute so the fear of damaging the carvings while you travel is minimal.

The basic flute varies in price from $75 to $325 depending upon the key and the type of wood that is requested. 

Key  Pine Redwood Cedar Cherry Mahogany
C-A  $75  $75  $125  $125  $125
G#-E  $125  $125  $175  $175  $175
 Key Mesquite Rosewood Purple Heart Ebony  
C-A $150 $150 $200 $275  
G#-E $200 $200 $250 $325  


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Price $75.00